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reside chiefly if not entirely in the red corpuscles. Defibri-

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See, also. Danger [Ferdinand-Pbilippe] & Flandin

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Therap. Gaz., Detroit, 1898, 3. s., xiv, 433-436, 1 pi.—

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day night. To give a full history of its proceedings, and of the

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" 1. The ovary may be affected by true scirrhous degeneration. This form

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the venereal act nor masturbation can provoke a seminal discharge. Just

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vember 19, 1855, and will terminate in the ensuing March.

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treatment is prescribed for their relief. When drugs are required to hold in

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making the report I am obliged to draw wholly upon my memory. The

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inefHcacy of common remedies ; but in the species now under

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jaw, and cites but a single case. This form of disease,

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OF THE Arteries. — Prof. Gubler communicates to a

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Act to Court of Special Sessions without the interven-

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a heifer to a sheep, a horse, and two dogs ; Youatt from horse and ox

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power of writing, not dependent upon paralysis of the muscles, is termed

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Action of Radium on Chlorophyll Containing Organisms.

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partment of the Army, and had been one of the medical attendants

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Elephantiasis is endemic also ; it is supposably due to a Filaria. Lep-

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in the cavity of the chest. In the case first noticed there will be

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same inspiration, and to join in demanding more sweeping

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the twenty-third day, with a slight granulating wound.

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not called upon to consider once in a year. Our members are

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enced dispatcher about this matter, and in answer to the

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culus. Stone was extracted through the fistula by forceps, aided by the

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not have been reabsorbed so soon. In this category belong, most likely,

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safer and swifter, reaching the then highest point in Richard

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We have 62 such societies in our state, with about 1300 members.

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with myself more than nine years ago, and was published in

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hole. Nor can weatlord to dismiss the problem with the airy state-

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He was killed nine hours after. Three fourths of the food were dis-

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astronomical causes of cholera would reduce themselves to

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emulsion are transferred to blood-agar and controls also on common agar

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