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believes that with a properly planned regime, and careful

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Four large mealy potatoes, cold ; mash them in a pan with

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phasizes tlio fact* that this elevation helps the surgeon to

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obstetrical work myself so do not speak from a selfish standpoint.

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acute pain over the caecum and the sigmoid flexure. He was very

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injury, the operation has been too rarely performed to allow of any conclusion

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indeed, this department of our science may not be said to have

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is necessary to render the patient comfortable and even cure the

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absolutely necessary, and the earlier the better. Many patients are not

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median line, and the swelling in the mouth may appear to be slightly

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that the preceptor of to-day has to be a much different

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chief evil, however, with whioh we have to contend is excessive

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ulceration of the skin, so as to cause sores of a circular or oval form on

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iology of the Nervous System in Harvard. In 1869 he was called to

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years in the heart of Milwaukee. Excellent referrals:

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The resemblance of pustular variola to certain suppurative and other

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Chronic progressive ophthalmoplegia is, therefore, in the crura and pons the equiva-

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and the adductor muscles were found to be in the red stage of gas gangrene, so

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uncertainty in the diagnosis of hysteiical paralysis; also

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(^essfnlly took ji stand in the House apiinst irregular legislation being Incor

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War II, a period then that spanned 35 years, a professional

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lence." Dr. N. has here violated one of the most im-

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tal fissures ; the cephahc one communicating with the

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lent from August to October, and accounts to some extent for the

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uterus a mass of the size of a walnut, apparently in the

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a quarter of an inch deep, having a free crescentic margin.

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structive and will become a regular part of this journals contents.

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stantial reason to diagnose incurable disease of the appendages. "

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the middle period of manhood, but it may occur at any age.

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