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Who Makes Antabuse

thickness. The right pleural sac also obliterated, and
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After analysing the recorded cases of the operation,
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Akt. XX Index- Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon- General's
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two inches below the ensiform cartilage to Subperitoneal Rupture of the Bladder with
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Fig. 7.— Typical examples of Ameba and Entameba. (Walker and Sellards: Entamebic
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I am unable to say. No movement of the bowels could be
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to the anterior abdominal wall by the adherent omen-
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in preventing physicians’ stress problems. 4 Whether a
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American discovery of etherization, to remove pain, was received
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valuable sign is the fact that tumors of the liver move with deep
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surgeon's care. It is convenient to consider this condition under the
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ceps were reapplied and delivery accomplished. The peculiarities of foetal
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however, resist the evidence in favour of the " Eau Medicinale,"
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girth was 49 inches. A change again took place, and on 16th July
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Glycogen, on the other hand, is much less readily attacked than
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tion of pelagra, phthisis, and fickets. Cotoin is contraindicated in states of severe
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leave an investigation on which he was engaged to advise or
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WILLARD, William R., M.D., Tuscaloosa, "The Continuing Ferment
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the constitution of swine are : unnatural bringing up, fattening,
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doses of quinia, belladonna, and the preparations of zinc, more especially
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tible instability of his pulse, or alienation of his mental powers.
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whether any directions or recommendations had been issued to
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seem to have enjoyed their lives together as only men in the spring
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This, I need hardly explain, is to be done by systematic read-
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1953. Raffensperger, Edward C, 2039 N. 2nd St., Harrisburg, Pa.
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to the full limit of tolerance, and in no instance, out of some twenty cases,

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