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Media: (a mode of artistic expression ; a channel of communication) Vid: (to know; to see)

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a bluish flame and to give off the odor of SOo. An
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in the size of the goitre was attained. The most striking results
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The action of ergot on plain muscle is also well known.
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It is said that Plato reproached Herodicus for protract
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out of a self preservation but out of a striving for
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and post mortem appearances produced by eating similar food. The
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Bickerton Liverpool Dr. Williams Boston followed by Dr. All
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all that should have been left undone are great promoters
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sanity cannot be overestimated the relation one bears to
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In considering the question of contagion it must be granted that
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reaction was sought for and obtained one week later. A woman of
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Three days later the patient became unconscious. lie
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to prevent infiammation and plethora. She was taken in
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however the victims of attack we have often seen it in adult
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being probably the cholera vibrio growing in the bile. As
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it was supposed to represent an intermediate form between the mono
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corpora amylacea as consisting chemically rather of cellulose
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infectious fevers prior to admission into hospital the beSTand
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his condition and sometimes an interval and re commencement.
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serve to distinguish the ectodermal thickening and the epibranchial placode from
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Fourth Year. During the medicine quarter students attend a weekly hema
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agents or a spirochete which is introduced as spores

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