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How do I find the proper toilet seat for an antique toilet with an irregular bolt spread?

I am trying to find toilet seats for two toilets that are part of a house that was built in Boston around the turn of the century. The seats were made by the Dalton-Ingersoll Co., Boston USA (which is now out of business) and called Burmuh No. 1

A normal bolt spread on a toilet is 5 1/2″ or 10″ but this toilet has different specs. It has an outer set of holes with are around 3/4 inch in diameter and around 6 5/8″ (from the inside of the hole) apart. This makes the holes around 7 1/2-5/8″ inches apart.

An inner set of holes, which look to me to be drilled after the fact, at 1/2″ in diameter and approx. 4 5/8″ apart (making it close to 5 1/8-1/4″ inches apart from the center).

Overall, the shape of the toilet is fairly standard round shape. Any thoughts on how I should proceed or where to look? Thank you for your help, I have pictures if that helps. Thanks again.

Some seats will have floating brackets, and can be moved to the right pattern. Have you tried the Home Depot, you could probably special order one. If it’s this difficult to find, when you do find one, order a couple of them, and store one. Another option is to go to an older Mom, & Pop hardware store, they might have one buried on a shelf. Good Luck, I hope this works.

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Info on it Outsourcing Boston

When a company makes the sometimes difficult decision to hire an outside firm to manage its computer systems, this is known as “IT outsourcing.” Boston is just one of the many regions in which companies, in trying to realize their goals of internalizing maximum profitability while externalizing operation costs, are increasingly turning to information technology outsourcing. Boston companies are also seeing a greater degree of positive cash flow as a result.

There is a great deal of controversy in many places over the practice of IT outsourcing, Boston community being only one place in which this is occurring.

As the practice of information technology outsourcing often raises strong feelings on both sides of the issues, it should also come as no surprise that there is some degree of misunderstanding over exactly what it is and why any company should consider it.

The fact is that when it comes to doing business efficiently and maintaining maximum profitability, information technology outsourcing is an excellent practice – for no other reason than cutting operation costs (which are not headed in a downward direction). By subcontracting your IT operations to an outside third party, you’ll be making better use of capital and technology as well as labor and other resources.

Some of the misinformation regarding IT and help desk outsourcing stems from a fear over losing control over day-to-day operations and the additional costs. In fact, when you consider that in-house employees require pensions, health insurance and often paid vacation time, it becomes easy to see the money-saving advantages of information technology outsourcing; Boston companies find that cutting labor costs alone dramatically improves revenues and investor return, which after all, is the most important aspect of any business.

As far as direct control over IT workers and the power to keep close tabs on performance and work habits, information technology outsourcing means that it’s no longer your problem; you can turn to more important matters such as shareholder relations, returns on investment and stock price. A company to which you outsource your IT operations will deal with this for you, however, there can be an IT person on premises at all times, should you feel the need to have one.

Your primary duty is to your business and (if applicable) your shareholders and investors. You can spend more time focusing on these vital aspects of your business with IT outsourcing; Boston’s business community and reputation becomes better for it.

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Wayne Hemrick is a consultant for outsourcing IT firms. He has a great insight and years of experience in the tech field.