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Eder, with an abstract of the most recent papers. Rebman Company,

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tive ideas. In a case that I observed the patient rhymed, very imper-

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predisposing factors. The lung-tissue is sometimes the seat of diffuse

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persons are liable, and post-mortem anatomo-pathologic pictures of the

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Again, the ulcer may extend in deptli until perforation occurs.

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The writer enjoyed the hospitality of his family ten days, while in

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sulfasalazine bad side effects

cases and of 44 gathered from literature, concludes that there can be

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affects children soon after the eruption of the lower incisors. . A severe

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if it is one of those cases of procidentia. I do not believe in leav-

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talking to the patient his expression suddenly becomes blank, the face

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of the extreme mildness of the symptoms. These are often attributed

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fruits, Graham bread, and soft, green vegetables are often well borne

psoriatic arthritis sulfasalazine

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the anesthetic, while a third or mixed type is described by some authors.

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dimensions of the air-space. Owing to displacement of the heart, there

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may aggravate it, and, though not a trustworthy guide, we may often de-

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where the inflammatory condition has been going on for quite a

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prodromal symjitoLus appeared in about one-half the instances (in 111

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as a whole, the outlook is not particularly bright in any case.

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Predisposing Causes. — Most influential stands, doubtless, hyperacidity

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mind a patient from whom a fibroid the size of a hen's egg was enucleated

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of associated sets. These so-called hysteric contractions may affect any

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appearing in the feces indicate disturbed gastric digestion, for

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case of marked arterio-sclerosis in a man aged eighty years in Avhom tin-

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This condition can usually be differentiated from lead-palsy by the

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Definition. — An acute catarrh of the Schneiderian membrane, some-

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drawn), and frequently musical ; sometimes, however, it is somewhat

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as a uniform rule. Even when the tumor is large, dropsy of the peri-

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by the will of the late David B. Shipman, who left an estate valued at

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{b) Cardiac stimulants and tonics. Of these, when occasion demands,

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pain, keeping the patient at absolute rest, and sustaining the heart

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in different cases ; " it may be either columnar or spheroidal-celled "

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or dilatation are more or less conspicuous, but the presence of the

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is then shown by the production of iodoform, which can be recognized

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after the fifth week. The trichinous cysts in the muscles may be seen

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psoriasis, especially of the hands and feet. Pustules {fuhercidar) which

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School, for our interests are interwoven and interdependent, this

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degree comfortable. As this is often but an advanced stage of hyper-

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