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gave in writing a detail of his treatment to a brother oj the patient,
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enter the eye, will be brought to a focus about the line /'50, and will strike
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very little over two pages in length. He says : —
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but a severe malaria. A passenger who arrived on the
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originally 4.18 per cent, of solids, with the curious result that the residual
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views to the Profession, writers upon excision of the hip-joint
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enabled us to judge its character; but you will agree that it
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options available to you, and well write the correct
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ed it for this purpose during the past sixteen years is unequivocal upon this
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tion. The remarkable features of both cases are the focal vascular
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BoRWiLASKi was a Pole, and, like^Bebe, of the court. Born at the full
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These are facts which rest upon the testimony of those who
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boundaries of the dangerous process can save life — as, for instance,
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ficial (21 cases out of 81). The condition is chronic (previous attacks in
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cycle, which, in the end, was the cause of his death.
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given in doses of l-30th grain, and repeated in two hours, sometimes
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extends from the posterior lateral portions of the body.
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mained well; it did not lose tlesli, and seemed, but for the
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puzzle the physicist, the anatomist, and the physiologist as the
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the open prairies are overrun with doctors, where as yet
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If a patient suffer from measles, and retains a high temperature
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was given a sword, a whip, and a ring, and his punish-
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with his report, and it is quite favorable. He is now in charge of the
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of the cerebrum, death being caused by compression."

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