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third of the cases convulsions occur. These in some cases are epileptiform;

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amount given daily was from thirty to forty-two grains. It seemed to

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dynamical stale of n\atter, the erystalloidal liein^^ tiie statical condition. The

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much improved. All forms of intellectual effort associated with

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thoroughly versed in such writing. If any one is for-

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Notp.. — The amount of oxyfrcn required to oxidise the oi^anic matter,

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opening, the point of the needle being introduced about three-

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peculiarities by demonstrated changes in the patient's diet. Some

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from any one can, or one day's delivery, from which at least 75 per

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had not perfectly healed. On examining his dress the right sleeve of his shirt

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residents. There was not a single case of cholera in the Hospital

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the heart to the task of the quantity of work to be done,

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" head-banging," which English authors have pointed out as

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designate reflex movements. I think that the word is now much used orally by

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includes general directions for the use of microscope,

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compression of the brain are well known and the necessity for pre-

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rupture at the end of a fortnight or several weeks, leaving a very slight

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which are generally spoken of as poikUocytes (Fig. 1), may manifest

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lar bundles. They appeared to bear close relation to the tis-

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had had inoperable sarcoma of the back and shoulder.

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1. The seventy-first annual convention of the Connecticut Medical Society was

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The South Carolina State Board of Councillor, Dr. M. T- Walker, of York-

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which were traced to excessive sensibility and stricture of the urethra.

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on me that the cars behind me, like those ahead, all had

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pressure are prominent factors and determine the direction

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generative organs have taken place in any locality, there will

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evacuated at once, as there is always the danger of the abscess

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