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the microscopic evidence. Clinically he could not rely much on tests. There

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change in number of eosinophils. The smaller doses of atropin from

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whatever oi tuberculosis The consist oi small aggregates ot densely

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and the face suffused. At this time it is still possible to

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Anus a Conftri amp ion of Ifchury or Supprejfian of Urine.

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every reason to feel encouragement at the present outlook for it

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of disease and persevering in it till the cause is removed.

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reception of a pauper lunatic into the lunatic wards of a

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that by reducing the frequency of the pulsations the disease might be

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which we find corresponding closely with the results of clinical investi

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be unacquainted makes him greatly feared by them and

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patient had a comfortable night. Six injections were given in the

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initiate an inquiry into an anatomical explanation of

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intestines is coagulated by the acid secretions there

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effect of altitude upon near vision the Johnson apparatus will give

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production of any degree of acquired immunity. Even where

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ligaments and the ischio coccygeal muscles to say nothing of

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of temperature and moisture a ciliated embryo escapes from the egg

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Dupuytren and Boyer. In the year S he acted as house sur

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Niemeyer applied these pathological studies to clin

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made the crowded parts of the metropolis on Saturday evenings espe

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Itching is often mistaken for piles if itching is a

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with the hand. In the left half of the stomach which is

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I may truly say are as good if not better than any Baths

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