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Anyone know where I can find 5 articles about finance or budget for government and non profit organizations?

Find five articles in the print or electronic media (i.e. newspapers, magazines, or internet publications) that discuss budget and finance issues for governmental or non-profit agencies. Write up a one paragraph summary and one paragraph analysis for each article that discusses how this issue connects with the topics we have discussed this semester (market economies, role of government, revenues, expenditures, budget process, debt, etc.) and your reactions to the proposals/issues discussed.

Try Yahoo Finance – they’ve got lots of articles on the topics you listed and from a variety of sources. Also look at the Chronicle of Philanthropy. There are oodles of magazines (Money, Fortune, Time, Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur, etc.) for you to choose from for this assignment as well. You can also google phrases like “state government budget” to get tons of results from newspapers around the country.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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Internet Marketing Agencies Can Help You Make Money Online

With the uncertain economy many businesses are turning to internet marketing agencies to help them make money online. A new trend arising is the amount of individuals turning to an internet consulting company to help them build a business at home to make money online.

People want something they can start in their spare time and build up to replace their current income and give them financial freedom. This is a reality today with the internet.

Because of the amount of people you can expose your information, products or services to can give you the ability to make a much larger income than a conventional job can. A regular job can also be replaced after the income is built up to a sufficient amount.

Many people have a lot of knowledge or product they can market immediately and others just have the desire. Some internet marketing agencies have pre built sites with products available to purchase.

I have seen individuals set up with everything they need to begin a business at home to make money online along with the support needed to prosper.

With the right amount of investigation and a minimal amount of start up capital, depending upon the type of product chosen to market, anyone can make money online.

The key is in the investigation. Find a market and then see what they need and supply it to them.

Good internet marketing strategies can drive traffic to a squeeze page and gather contact information to build a marketable email list. This is the way fortunes are made.

Create then control a market. This is how people turn their computer into ATM machines.

So investigate internet marketing agencies to find one that can give you the help you need to start a business at home to make money online. This can be one of the wisest financial moves you have ever made.

An email list can then be filtered down into specific desires and the same person could be on multiple lists. This way you can market to them on different products.

Truly successful people have always understood and implemented this principle. Will you join them?

If you already have an established brick and mortar business then the process will be much easier and quicker. You already have an established customer base that just needs to be moved online for efficiency and marketed to to increase your ROI.

Time is your most valuable asset that you can never recover or duplicate so begin your investigation quickly on internet marketing agencies to help you realize your dreams.

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