Internet Marketing Plan

Internet Marketing Plan

Breaking Down the Silos of Social Media

Internet Week NY ‘10: At an Advertising Research Foundation panel, executives from General Mills, Harris Interactive, and Porter Novelli reveal how brands should use Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.

The 13 Pillars of Internet Marketing ~ An Introduction

Launching Your Successful Internet Marketing Plan

An internet marketing plan is what you really need in this day and age. No new businesses are succeeding without an online presence, so GET an online presence. How? Well… Okay… It can be simple, or it can be difficult, depending on how you approach it. See, there’s an upside and a downside to advertising online. The upside is this: It’s practically free. Seriously, it is so incredibly cheap to get a few SEO pages and put them online, and if you create your own content, it doesn’t cost you anything at all but time. The downside: Everyone’s doing it. So it’s a heck of a lot more competitive than grabbing an ad in the phone book.

Content, Content, Coding and Content

Content is your key word here. Without great content, you may as well be sending emails directly into people’s spam folders. Again, everyone’s advertising online these days, so nobody really cares if you just come out and say “Hey I have some good products and services here!” Really, nobody cares about “Just another SEO page”. But, if you can provide great content, if you get people WANTING to read it, WANTING to watch your viral video, then you have advertising that does all the work for itself as soon as you get the ball rolling.

Syndicate Your Content

Syndication simply means that you don’t just put your SEO page up somewhere and call it a day. Rather, you link to it through your social networking sites, you post it on several websites, you get the word out through forums and message boards and so on. This is so important because…

One Source of Traffic Is Not Enough

It’s a wide, wide, wide, wide, wide, wide web out there. Putting your stuff up in one place, only having one or two sites you link to it through… It’s just plain not nearly enough. You need to get it all over the place. The truth is, you’re lucky to get more than a couple hundred visitors through a single traffic source, but if you only get a dozen visitors through a hundred sources, that’s a ton of visitors.

Socialize, Socialize, Socialize

Socialize, and embrace new ideas and technology, like these social networking sites. Anyone can attain visibility on the web, and the easiest way to do it is to go out there and pick your followers and subscribers up one at a time. Be incredibly sociable on those websites, keep friending people, subscribe to hundreds of people, and if even half of them subscribe back to you, you’ll have a nice little audience to talk to when you post your web content.

In a broad sense, these four steps are all you need. But, don’t look at them as just plain old Idiot’s Guide, foolproof steps. Rather, follow them as core principles, use them to guide you as you come up with your OWN Internet Marketing Ideas, because the truth is that you can’t excel in any industry without actually having new ideas. Be fresh, be innovative, be novel, be daring. Look, again, it’s practically free to advertise online. A TV ad campaign that uses some dangerous new ideas can lose you millions of dollars, but online, it won’t lose you anything but the half hour it takes to write a really wild SEO page.

About the Author

Internet marketing expert David Bain is author of the “13 Pillars of Internet Marketing” and founder of the “26-Week Internet Marketing Plan“.