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the principles which should guide the Legislature in regulating

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virus. The common accompaniment of fibroid thicken

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William Burnett and some reported to him by Dr. Ross the black vomiting

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the joint or else weakness with reetu rence of pain and

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of about a week between each dressing are necessary before a cure can

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subov.aritis was probably r.are yet it might certainly continue

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animal life. Since that time MoUinelli Ameman Cruikshank

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developed gradually the patient became dull and stupid and was aroused with increasing

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were as one in. but it is probable that all the survivors

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good. Not of such good augury however is the aphasia

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to that which produces cartilaginoid induration of the capsule of

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the trials and freaks of his static machine in damp weather it

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My belief is if the abscess is localized and movable it should be

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Wilkinson s ointment gives relief. I have had capital results from the

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more salient features have been described but what is lost in

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and it is not surprising therefore that the true condition is over

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measures. The action of blood serum upon the T. Gamhiense has been

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contagiosa etc. L charbon chancre a la langue mal de sang sang

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hours the process is completed by the patient jumping into a cold

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Canadian delegation the Association will meet in Toronto next

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plement fixation which followed indicates that the serum possessing

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subject are especially valuable as for several years he has paid

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nection with the fibula. The patient a girl aged eleven months

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attention is not given such as cleanliness healing and stimulating applica

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local societies of Philadelphia and New York and scorned the

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have followed their application not less in one case than in another.

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quoted but lest this our intention may occasionally have been neg

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The swelling increases in forty eight hours to perhaps two inches and

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Flexner and I investigated an epidemic of cerebrospinal men

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three hours. I like the smaller dose and would prefer it in

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feeling the pulse. t Dr. Huxham says there is a peculiar

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