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inoculated against cholera who was admitted with a diagnosis of amoebic

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object to the proposition that is involved in the objects of the

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but accept and use our knowledge of physical objects. Some

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Clinical experience however teaches us that the most extensive disease

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of his operation as applied to the various nerve trunks of limbs.

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A question of great interest is whether those attacked during the

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undigested food and irritating substances expels them

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not unfrequently mixed with epithelial casts in cases of acute Bright s

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and certain authorities indeed consider it harmful. Let us discuss these

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mittee on Avhich said vacancies occur shall have the power to appoint Fellows

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Epithelioma may appear in a patch of buccal labial or lingual leuko

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be employed to relieve this condition. The nervous symptoms may be

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the virus intra venously three intra peritoneally and five simul

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An attack of the disease no matter whether skin changes

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cardiac failure set in it may be given with much advantage

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Very common on little mountain streams frequendy called

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dition appeared to have developed gradually in childhood. There

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manifestation. However it was quite evident from a practical point of

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ureter orifices. Ureter catheters assed readily to the kidney

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replaced by a flexor response. During the first few days the patient

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mitigating event the doctor greatly appreciates the confidence

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of the gall Madder about four inches in diameter which

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things considered would be in the anterior portion of the first or second

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Hoffman s liquor liquor ailhereus oleosus camphor and other

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sequently entering the body the specific anaemia. He

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of instruction Cheerful companionship should be in all

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Arrest of the nose bleed three methods of treatment

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in the back and limbs and vomiting. The temperature

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millimeters long inner surface whitish smooth fracture

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As the Chinese learning is confined to the subjects

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down to break out a little later. In children in whom

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The pain becomes intolerable prostration extreme thirst excessive

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moting professional friendship. Many of our medical societies now hold

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desquamation subsequently from the affected part may be noted

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Association assembled in the Hall of the Army Medical

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to be aWe to acquit himself creditably in the witness box

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Dr. McCarthy received his preliminary preparation in St.

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is important that children suffering from pneumonia

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thoroughly known among physicians as well as the people

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perfect hsematosis to kidney trouble in other cases blood clots or

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stated that the feeble action of the minute quantity of organic

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tered steadily and freely the stage of excitement is

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A good deal of weight should be attached to the toxic theory

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Dundee three months ago and has been in very indifferent health

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removed the splint some days after the operation. The others he

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