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lentils and vegetables. The evening meal should be light

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management of an epidemic of diphtheria in the iso

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after that basis is made thoroughly secure prognosis almost

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cardiac failure in the early stage is doubtless due to

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affured that thefe may have their pores pervaded by fpirituous liquors.

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This classification of the production of flat foot is

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if so the incision is made cautiously and the parts

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to know that by the latest analysis the Croton is found to

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from the amount of albumin being diluted by a large

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opinion of self in the intellectual artistic and poet

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As will be seen by statistics here furnished Xew York state

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Instances have been reported in which some of the symptoms appeared

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be too cold. The malarial parasite only exists in man and the

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an occasional medicine vendor who adheres to patent medi

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blocks were almost as likely to be fatal as the rent the

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Hysteria is a functional disease of the nervous system charac

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either its ante or post mortem language. The following cases appear to

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chemical and microscopical changes in the urine upon

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earth should be daily thrown into it to cover the excreta and

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case indicates that it was primary. It is interest

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been often said that objects would appear double to us if it were

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these Greek words signify the disease consists in pain

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persons who are doubtless living were heard from

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Ohlmacherj y publishes an interesting resume of the pViysiology

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mass is firmly fixed to the posterior wall. It can

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Q. What would you do when it is caused from the lungs

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