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the Malayan countries, the habitual use of opium is

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bers of the Branch : B. Pogson, M D., E. T. Larkam, A. A.

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throat was felt, followed suddenly by universal tonic spasm.^

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ordinarily rapid, and we were thus able to minimise the risk

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the fact that pregnancy preceded menstruation, which bears

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at the Pathological Laboratories by Professor and Mrs. Roy,

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state, the cataleptic subject was a perfect macliine. Here then may be

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years old. He was capable enough of complaining, but made

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attended by considerable exhaustion. The second stage was

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the contagion, but as to what might be looked upon as the

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been established in "two marquee and one bell tent and two

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of the stomach, but in other eases a repeated heaving and

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porMtniry. and I hope to do so some day next week.— Dr. FARQuHAhSOV

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years ago anyone can see who will read Dr. Brifges's most

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because the animals died early. Often it was clear serous

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