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Third Year. During the third year the subject of syphilis is dealt with

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organ which b more sensitive to its influence than other parts.

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mended save as adjuncts to other forms of treatment.

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three cases with thirty seven deaths a mortality of

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Doctor. I doubt if from his cradle he ever told a lie.

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The only contribution from Maryland is by Dr. Wm. Lee on the

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inch long and one half inch wide. The articulation was not in

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The tuberculin reaction was typical in the organs the spleens being

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A WELL KNOWN Perth practitioner has passed away in the

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glandular swellings. About this period eilso the bromide

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The class of poor to which particular reference is made

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weight of water and that gives not more than ctgr. to the

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upon as a result of her reduced condition and imperfect

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suffered less from the effect of these drugs only in

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characteristic signs of extravasation and increased pressure on

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The most interesting series of experiments in their results were those

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A positive diagnosis can be immediately made by abdominal section in

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ments subvened Her stomach became so irritable that

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toxic megacolon. Hyperthyroidism coronary heart disease con

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centimeters of mixture A B which consists of sixteen parts of M

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The neutral fat is distinctly higher in the stools of breast fed

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hyperextended and the more distal phalanges are flexed the condition

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hiccough had not reappeared and the temperature rose to nearly normal but during

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Repeated hemorrhages or poisoning by phosphorus will induce in a few days

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would estimate its value in money or in immediate practical utility.

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rate for each of the eleven divisions under which the English

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