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Salbutamol And Ipratropium Bromide Inhaler

as alkalies, mercurials, iodine, <fec., are contra-indicated in a dyscra-

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in general convulsions. A neighboring physician was

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March 28. 1900, and sutured the uterus to the abdominal peri-

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entero-colitis, leads me briefly to recall my original pub-

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in the size and shape of a gall bladder tumor is occa-

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treatment; and (2) those here for brief evaluative follow-up. The

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together; hoofs long, slim, and weak; toes spreading or crooked or unable to bear

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destruction of the cord or blood clot was present. Improve-

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tial differences, both macroscopic and microscopic, be-

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The bacteriological investigation of patients who had caused return

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overfilling of the bladder. Nearly all these cases find

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The regular annual meeting will be held at Darlington, Jan. 12, 1905,

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is carried upwards behind the symphysis pubis, so as

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Fiske-Fund Prize Committee reported that the prize of $200 had been awarded

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mention of the name of Oliver Wendell Holmes, the genial

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head of the long flexor of the cubit arising in conjunction with

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and Ceylon, and wounds caused by its pectoral fins are much

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complaining of chronic and severe pain over and through the left

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growth was scraped oft' by means of a platinum loop, suspended in

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3. Patients with a strong family history of gastric

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Born on Jan. 26, 1912 in North Easton, Mass., Doctor

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in several cases ; the results, however, have been in no way superior to

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Free removal of cancer of the rectum has, on the whole, been attended by

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predict for it a demand never before accorded a treatise on

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Central Nervous System. By Raphael Isaacs, M.A., M.D. 237

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Dr. H. V. WuERDEMANN, of Milwaukee: Radio-therapy is turning a

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the said Chapel, from the Prior and Convent of Eouncidevall in

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Mr. G. S. Hiekox, P. <). lx>x IMS, Bait Lake City,

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turn of the disease which you had supposed cured. Bet-

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and a hyperplasia of glandular elements, should caution investigators

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ensue ; the lungs become affected, and the patient dies. It is

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