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attention to the underlying causes with treatment of the same

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Linum usitatissimum. Flax seed as emollientj arthritic anthelmintic and alexipharmic.

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Professor Fisher then proceeds to detail the possible argu

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Operate on the standing animal with the aid of local antesthesia.

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but differing from a normal sense perception from an illusion and from an

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of spurious pregnancy dropsy or glandular tumors the menstrual dis

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the Gynecological and these members seem aggravated

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draft are defective eyesight poor teeth bad feet and venereal dis

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descriptive letterpress in German English Russian and

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ble one of periodicity pertain as we have before said entirely to

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Secretary of State for War that a medical officer like all other officers

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about half an inch in diameter from the concave surface of which

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in every case for awhile and if not successful or if special surgical

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form poikilocytosis. Frequently the nervous central organs and

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adopted by any other practitioner under similar circumstances

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and the granulations show no activity. AVhen the blood speci

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alcoholate with heat under C. and the soaps recovered as fatty acids

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troubles for several years. During the past seven months she

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acquired tuberculosis. Analogous experiments by Peterson gave similar

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and such were also the history and nearly the symptoms in

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with pain etc. that suggested multiple neuritis. If this was so the case

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are open to all Students and Junior Practitioners holding Hospital Tickets.

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properties our observations leading it is true to no definite results.

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probable solution of this heretofore difficult surgical problem. The

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and its neighborhood. In undertaking such an explora

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Overactivity of the th T oicl gland produces a definite group

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H tel Dieu it is slated that the attempt at extraction

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Of course the faculty of the University of Paris was

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experiments on animals is essential to the progress of

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ceived cc. of a solution of ethylhydrocupreine in each pleural cavity

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it may result in general infection hastening death. Likewise

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which he fell asleep and remained perfectly free from his pains.

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agree as to the amounts of the different food elements con

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varieties of form and character. The fruit of Damascus

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