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plicable recommend specific treatment sources. Each

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amount of disinfecting gas or nitrous acid fumes and

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of experiments in Straus s laboratory in order to determine the influ

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Yerby MS Pregnancy and epilepsy. In Hauser WA Ed Current

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until the strength of the root is extracted. Of this from fjss

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Physiological action of snake venoms. Conclusions as to exact

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Name three drugs incompatible with belladonna and two

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The deposition of the eggs on the skin usually occurs

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containing this oil in the place of spirits of turpentine is said

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rics has an operation been proposed which in the same

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for infectious diseases. Obstetrical cases arc too few. Tost moTtems

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view of the pathology of hooping cough it will be lound that

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doubted benefit but they should also have daily allowances of

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gouty persons being able to take some Hungarian wines in

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allied to cancer and it is in the very meagre and unsatisfactory

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case in San Francisco operated by Dr. Brigham and lately

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pale and thin with a feeble pidse and did not suffer


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Browne grew rich by thirty years practice was knighted and

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modem American psychiatry. The Institute of Living has

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are inoculated at nearly one and the same time the incubation period of

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leonine aspect tubercular lesions upon other parts of the

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uterus or as Mackenrodt s ligaments. The latter pair as

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the stomach may render it intolerant of food or water even in small

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fusion properly enough from his interesting discussion of

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current and is mounted on this adjustable stand which permits

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from the reports we have published from time to time of the

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are necessary to its full and perfect realization. In no case has

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it that there is s ccial ablution extra care as to slee

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but we also found that many weakly positive results were obtained by

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and free from the dysjDepsia and constipation from which she formerly

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valescence from other diseases it may also be induced by the practice

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most trying ones ordinary simply because they are fre

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junior class. He is an active member of the Phi Beta Pi

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intermediate hosts. These insects imbibe the parasite when they suck in the

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greater lightness. It must be perfectly smooth so as to cause no

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