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or custom could make such a practice the rule rather than the exception.
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a cyst, from which there escaped four quarts of fluid, similar in
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These were, first, a papulation and vesiculation, followed by a very
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which does not stimulate the liver, actually dimin-
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13. Rokitansky: Manual of Pathologic Anatomy. London: Syden-
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plain certain peculiarities observed by Behring. The peroxides, as is well known,
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3. Paraplegia, Spastic, Case of. Shown by Dr J(iHN I). Comrie
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second or secretive stage, when the symptoms of bronchitis are accom-
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the lungs at least, consists in active exercise, free
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and second childhood approaching, and at that period when comparatively
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and forty-first day after inoculation. The dose of antitoxin ranged
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increasing it, as he expects. Fourth, if Schultze's views, as
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striking feature, and is closely related with pathological proc-
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This was manifestly a very mild form of inflammation,
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is the overloading and stagnation of food in the diges-
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nupplled by Ant^ra-iuediiin In yellow, Ant«o-Ut*nl Id nd.
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hour, characterized by a severe rigor, succeeded by sweat-
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occur in which no parasites can be demonstrated in the peripheral blood,
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points of difference between diphtheria and membran-
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a heat wave we were shivering and complaining that sum-
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be placed, at the position of the patient's hips, several folds of old
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cian. When a premonitory seizure has once occurred, it is so apt to recur, the
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Who called attention to the fact that in a large pro-
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woman, similarly affected, who also soon experienced re-
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I find that writers upon human surgery recommend leeches,
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from the violent efforts made to breathe, or fiom the effect of cold in im-
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mild attacks, without ^^ the feeling of faintness and impending death,"
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stools had been inspected. The treatment was continued until
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In tiie Cii' .S"//^/'. //> an inier-titial mvoL-aiditis has
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A scientific production the value of which has been studied very closely. The eSect is
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treatment, extending more or less over the body, has been supposed to be
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in the open method. ^J'he joint was massaged in a few days,
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unlike that of the legs. Jiomberg's phenomenon is well marked,
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still recognizable as far as the region 2557, after which it became so

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