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both were Americans. Her father, Dr. John Trow Cleaves,

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Equally easy is the diagnosis of arterial (ulnar, radial) and

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of type, paper, and binding. Intestinal obstruction is a compli-

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potpourri. It furnishes, instead, a most valuable and accurate

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months old, through the carelessness of a servant. The fundus

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J Brooklyn, March 22, 1880, son of Thomas and Katherine (Foley)

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versity of Vermont. From both these institutions of learning he, by

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Diagnosis. — When the osseous lesions are very com-

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tumour and removing it, after having ligatured the artery both

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paedia ; " and I deem it right to state, in this connection, that the

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ills which we know under the name of hysteria, which owe

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BsstRcss CciEisiuee of tbe .\scicUcoc He txs o:e of

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briates, who are not stupid at the time, or wildly delirious, come

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Presidents shall be elected," and whether " clergymen should be

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extent during the first three years of his location in Buffalo, but

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walking, by hyperaesthesia with or without giddiness, by

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Medical Society of the County of New York, New York

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cannot fail to arouse interested anticipation in the progressive

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less flexion. Even the mobility of the shoulder joints progressively diminishes,

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From the very inception of the hospital Dr. Bulkley has been its

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follows a well-written chapter on physical diagnosis, in which the

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believed itself afflicted with congestion and inflammation, and

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the body. The bullet now becomes a foreign body, con-

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ciation of St. Luke's Hospital, the West End Medical Society, and

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and much of his remarkable success as a surgeon must be

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neck and along the spine. Ringing in the ears, chiefly the right

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The question dealing with the lodgment of fragments

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in the thriving village of Evanston, near Chicago, where

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