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inconsiderable number of those disorders to which permanent

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hand in utoro and seized the foot of the anterior limb by

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syringe or the use of a proper sized saturated sponge with the object

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filling the place for which education is intended to fit them.

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affections seated in organs communicating more or less directly

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that time the wound had cicatrised except a very small

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mycelium filament and appearing to constitute a sheath which in reality

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American physician and social worker. In all the belligerant

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cultures. The healing action is exercised by the transformation

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interests of the medical profession for enlightening

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units every fifteen minutes. Over the heart and fore

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horizontally in a moist aquarium with the cut surface above Figs.

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The pulse and respiration generally quickened during the first stage

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domen. The nature of such a tumor can often he cor

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of New Jersey has appointed a member of the profession from

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addition to our therapeutic means chiefly however as a hyp

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albumin on the other hand he may pass albumin for vears without getting

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fresh water alone avoiding even the addition of sugar. I under tim

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num spirits of camphor or camphor water with nitrous acid

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Instructor in Surgery University of Bishop s College Assistant Surgeon Western Hospita.

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properties of the included medicaments. Whenever it is desirable not to

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relieved specialists of a huge amount of the detail which formerly occupied

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Councilman at the meeting of the Association of Ameri

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inflammatory or maniacal affections that it should always be

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normal rabbit serum the immune serum caused marked phagocytosis.

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complete intestinal obstruction which however she re

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poses of ready cleansing. After uniting frame and legs

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at each side of the anus are two oval appendices convex outward

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large areas of bruising while on the front of the legs a pigmented

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and embolic in nature is held by some though hitherto

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