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Smallpox have proved themselves. In military circles is it

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affection, but more particularly to the individual, stand foremost as suc-

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forty-eight hours (tertian intermittent) ; and less frequently it is sev-

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a variety of conditions — e. g. the degree of mildness or severity of the

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waste as the heavy meats do, requiring the getting of more

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has reported a case of " Schluck-pneumonie" from neglect of this

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she had the described attacks as frequently as six to ten times a day. After five

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terne for fifty cents, a good red or white Burgundy for sev-

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latus (Fig. 15) can be readily demonstrated in the sputum by treating

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ing the aggravation of the local and general conditions. In cases where

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begin, in consequence of which the headache and gastric symptoms

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setting in without a specially severe local lesion. Vomiting and high

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served, but with more pronounced effect, after immersion of the entire


beautiful, warm, moonlight evening he was rapidly sinking,

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stat clicks in the hands of an assistant, he drops it, the hem-

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amount should be given. If curds or fat are still seen, the milk

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the recognition of a pre-tubercular condition has its practical bearing,

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losis. It is especially prone to arise in tuberculosis of the bronchial and

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and may even be absent when the invasion is sudden, a patient in vigor-

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must be absolutely restricted in their rapacity, for the serving

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cannot be accumulated except by prolonged closure; yet mouth tem-

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pheral vessels which ensues upon reaction is not accompanied by a

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Symptoms. — This is a common condition, the organ being appreci-

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ing the protracted course of the disease, and hypostatic pneumonia had developed

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niently be divided into two groups : (1) Primary lesions, due to the

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